Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
               Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Welcome to Installing Solar power to outbuildings. There is no need to pay over £300 for a decent off grid lighting system for your shed. A 2 light system could be installed for as little as £269.99

12V Battery 

The 75AmpHr battery is used to store the charge from the panel. This was bought for £15 on eBay.


12V LED lamps were used in external holders to light the main shed, the outside toilet and the wood shed. Where 2 lights are used it is important to connect them on a parallel circuit.


The total cost of the installation was around £120.  I did re-use some of the existing wiring and switches

20W solar panal

I bought this and the solar controller for under £25 on eBay.  I hade to make the box to protect the panel from the elements.


Power distribution

I placed the solar controller onto a board and fitted a small fuse panel with car fuses to distribute the 12V around the outhouses.

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