Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
               Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Welcome to Installing Solar power to outbuildings. There is no need to pay over £300 for a decent off grid lighting system for your shed. A 2 light system could be installed for as little as £139.99


Solar Power 

C R G Solar 

Shenzhen Chuangruigao New Energy Co., Ltd. Established in 2007, It is a high-new technology factory of specialty producing in Solar Inverters, Solar Controllers, Solar Power Systems and Solar Home Kits.

12V Battery 

The 7AmpHr battery is enough to provide 7 hours of both lights being switched on and can be increased if more lights are required.  These are not like the small battery you will get in an 'off the shelf' system


12V LED lamps are used in external holders to light the the shed internally and externally. A PIR can be installed if preferred.  The waterproof swiches can be fitted where you want. 


This system would cost £139.99 to install and spare LED lamps can be provided if needed. 

10W solar panal

A low power solar panel is fitted to the shed roof and will be used to charge the 12 Volt battery.  These panels still produce power on cloudy days.

Power distribution

The battery size will depend on how many lights you need to run. The solar controller regulates the charging and the fuses protect the circuits

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